My best work is usually somewhere between 10 PM and 4 AM.
This has messed with my well being and social integration
I would be digging through an editing job with a 9am deadline…
and at some moment a bolt of inspiration would have me take a quick left turn
into my subconscious and create something…
sometimes beautiful, sometimes just a neurotic rush fulfilled,
giving me the rest of the early morning to complete my edit gig duties

 A landmark moment in grade school, was staying up all night making a crossword puzzle
out of physicist and mathematician’s names from throughout history. Who knew from Copernicus?
I remember it was spring, because I remember the sunrise
coming through my sisters room’s window. I was sitting at Her desk.
I wondered if I had ever seen the sun’s early light like this.
The rest of the day was like a sleepless dream. I couldn’t believe I stayed up.
Niels Bohr and Johannes Kepler were my new best friends.