Valuable insight for Powerful Results!

Peter is a born coach, he  has helped me illuminate the hidden spots and connections in my life story for 20 years!
One can lay out any life situation to him and he can quickly bring clarity to it and accurately predict the various outcomes based on your actions. This has helped me make Wise choices in how I’ve navigated my life.


Listens appreciatively and actively

Peter is a grounded insightful and compassionate coach. He listens appreciatively and actively, My outlook has definitely expanded. I see a lot of things in a really new way from working with him.

Kk L.

Compassionate, respectful and insightful guide.

I turned to Peter when I was going through a hard time. He was really great! He accompanied me every step of the way through a difficult challenge. And I arrived to the other side empowered. He was there for me throughout the whole process. It was a blessing to have him as a most compassionate ear and very respectful and insightful guide. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs some help sorting their life out.

Ru H.

Coaching for radical change and transformation

Peter has been such an incredible advocate in my journey towards coming home to myself and my heart’s true calling. I have been working with Peter weekly for almost a year and I truly cannot imagine where I would be today without him. He has a no bullshit approach, which I find refreshing and an enormous heart, in which he takes you into — which in itself is very nurturing when doing such deep and meaningful work. He has the ability to hold space for what is emerging in me and lovingly guides and challenges me to embrace what it is I am here for and the path I have chosen. In my time coaching with Peter I have gained focus and confidence in my abilities and skills, maintaining a groundedness that was previously quite fleeting and difficult to maintain. I highly recommend coaching with Peter if you are on a path of personal truth and seeking radical transformation and change in your life. It’s quite incredible to have this kind of support in my life. Thank you, Peter!